About this Comic

I started drawing this all the way back in 2008 which is crazy to think that it's been nearly a decade ago. I had been toying around with the character of Tommy Cooke and the post apocalyptic world he lived in for a couple of years before; building lore and history. Eventually I decided that I would do a short series centered on his exploits and sat down to write and draw it.

I was heavily influenced by the Wolverine Madripoor run written by Larry Hama and drawn by Marc Silvestri. The astute reader wil note that the first panel of the main story mimics the first panel of Wolverine #31 vol 2. When writing it I also decided that Tommy would need a buddy and Barrett Hobbs is basically Archie, blue suit and all. The scenario is similar too in that it starts out in a bar and action ensues. I finished pencilling the first 22 pages and was at first satisfied. Then a creeping thought edged its way in. "Is this just plagerism?" I didn't go near it again until 2010 when I decided to try and finish it despite my self doubt.

By this time I had lost my notes for the second and third part for although part 1 followed the same scenario as that Wolverine story, the rest was wildly different. So I wrote up some new story and started pencilling again. Needless to say, between life, work and a few injuries it took a long time before I had finished the other 44 pages. That was back in 2014, and I let it lie once again.

It's true I have been told plenty of times that being able to criticize your own work is important, however it becomes a problem when you lean too far over that line. When self criticism become crippling self doubt and you start to believe everything you do is just shit. This is something I've personally battled with for many years and I'm sure there are others out there just the same. So after some time, I decided that I would finish this little diddy and post it online. For isn't that why we create? So that others may see it and share in it whether good bad or indifferent?

So here it is, warts and all. I suppose this will be a slightly different take on the web comic format in that all pages are pencilled already. They only need to be coloured, text baloons added on etc. I planned it out to mimic seriel runs of comics so it's divided into 3 parts each 22 pages long. Story ain't heavy but the action is plenty, and if you can forgive the close inspiration of the first part, I hope you enjoy it.

Extra Info

I have to thank my good friend Dave O' Reilly for re-writing the dialogue for me. The originals didn't hold up to snuff when looking at it now. He made it a lot snappier and witty than I ever did. Cheers bud.

There's some differences between the main story and prologue pages as I drew these many years afterwards because I wanted to bookend the piece with something extra.