Fan Art

This is where I post any pictures drawn by you, my readers. Much appreciation.


This one could totally be the movie poster to the film and was drawn by Chippewa Ghost. Thanks!

Another one by Ghost. Tommy is looking right at home and has picked the perfect company. Want to find out who these two fine gents are? Click the link below and check out...

Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich.

Also R.I.P. Tenaway. Ye will be missed...



Jumping through the air while holding two guns, with a big grin on his face? That's Tommy Cooke alright and this one was drawn by Rulerbrain. Much love man. Check out Crazies Inc. at your peril!



This gritty interpretation was done by Amalockh1. The city looms behind and the hunter feels right at home. Cool stuff. Amalockh has a comic of their own, Armless Amy, a dark twisted tale for your perusal.



Hoo boy. In this cameo laden page, Tommy takes front and centre to offer some advice to Turbo. Who's Turbo you ask? Only the long suffering partner to Buckeye of course! This was drawn by AugustaCaesar and you can check out the wackiness in her comic; The Adventures of Buckeye & Turbo through her profile link below. This one put a smile on my face. Thanks!



This awesome piece of composition showcases Tommy right at home, in the thick of the action! I'm absolutely digging the raw energy in this and it was expertly done by BUMBLEBEE whos' comics Be Different & Drive On you can find through the link below.